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COMMAND V - band web site for Pat Irwin and Cynthia Sley formerly of the B52's, Ray Beats, 8-Eyed Spy & Bush Tetras

COMMAND V, Cynthia Sley, Rachel Dengiz, and Pat Irwin combine their different musical styles to create a personally psychedelic, maniacally maneuvered, cryptically questioning sound. Key players in the New York No Wave scene from the early 1980's, Cynthia Sley former lead singer of the Bush Tetras and Pat Irwin, founding member of both Eight Eyed Spy and The Raybeats, and later of The B-52s are bursting onto the scene with a rocking new sound.

Glyph Media design an extremely clean, easily navigable, site that employs the most recent tools (music player, blog, videos, and an online store which will be coming soon) for reaching out to music fans worldwide.

Vittoria & Purdy LLP

Vittoria & Purdy LLP, a boutique New York City law firm specializing in advising and assisting clients and their families with Estate and Trust planning needs, along with the probate and administration of estates and trusts. Glyph Media created a small informational web site for Vittoria & Purdy LLP that reaches out to current and potential clients. The site was designed to be optimized for viewing on both computers and smart-phones.


Pelosi Wolf Effron & Spates, combines the expertise and experience of a large New York City law firm with the personal attention and cost-effectiveness of a smaller one. They offer a broad range of legal services, from intellectual property counseling and transactions, to dispute resolution and litigation, to general corporate matters, financings and mergers and acquisitions.

s i t e s
Vintage Silvertones

Vintage Silvertones, is a specialized guitar business that sells unique vintage Silvertone, Danelectro, Kay, Mosrite, Harmony, Supro and many other brands of electric guitars manufactured from the 1950's through the 1980's. The guitars are a classic pieces of Americana from a time when even large manufacturing businesses were producing high quality instruments.

Pomegranate Arts

Pomegranate Arts is an independent production company based in New York City dedicated to the development of international performing arts projects that are bold, provocative and emotionally charged. Glyph designed and programmed their web site to help promote their shows, expedite the process of delivering promotional materials to the staging sites, and expand upon the body of information available for each show.

IMAP Preserve.org

Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP), needed a web site to support their cataloguing project and create an awareness for the organization and it's services. Glyph Media was involved with two phases of the project. First, we consulted with IMAP to produce a three year project development report. This included planning for an IMAP web site, creating a tutorial within that site, and planning/budgeting for the IMAP Cataloging Project Union Catalog (a web-based database). Second, we designed and programmed the first two phases of the web site for IMAP. This site was original built in 1999. Since that time, it has gone through a complete redesign and reprogramming to meet the ever evolving needs of the media preservation community.

Misquamicut Beach

Misquamicut Beach, is a local business association based in Rhode Island. They needed a web site to support their members and promote the area and it's businesses. Glyph created a small, self-supporting web site for MBA. It includes a Blog for the Events page that allows the MBA staff to do very quick updates online without any knowledge of HTML.

T&W Books

Teachers & Writers Collaborative, a non-profit organization in New York City, recently updated their publications section to include a secure, e-commerce system. Glyph consulted, designed, and programmed the update to accept both online credit card and mail/fax orders. The update includes a series of new publications and a simplified ordering process.


cbcooke.com is home to a variety of information about the artist CB Cooke, owner of Glyph Media, including samples of work, exhibit history, and web works. Currently featured work include "daddie" that was in the Sundance Online Film Festival and a series of photos of the World Trade Center disaster.

Urban Word NYC

Urban Word NYC, a non-profit organization based in New York City that works with youth and educators to foster creativity through spoken word and poetry classes, slams, and training seminars. They recently commissioned Glyph Media to redesign their web site. The updated entailed a complete redesign based upon their new logo. It also included adding dynamic multimedia content, a sign up form, and extensive information about the organization.

NPAP - New Screen Shot

NPAP(National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis), located in New York City, wanted to expand their services and presence to the on-line community. Founded in 1948, NPAP is dedicated to advancements in the practice of non-medical psychoanalysis. NPAP also provides referral services, professional workshops, seminars and conferences as well as publishing the Psychoanalytic Review, the oldest continuously published psychoanalytic journal in the world.

Glyph Media redesigned and updated the NPAP web site to give it a more modern look, streamlined functionality, and a bulletin board for members to discuss issues and exchange goods and services.

NPAP - New Screen Shot

Glyph Media designed and programmed a special project web site for Creative Time's DNA Deli Cups/Creative Time/DNAid art exhibition.

"DNA Deli Cups launches Creative Time/DNAid -- a series of public art projects that address the implications of today's genetic research on our global futures." - Creative Time

MBooth & Associates - Public Relations Council

MBooth & Associates is a public relations agency whose specialty is creating demand for products and services. MBooth's use of the web includes promoting their services, providing company history, recruiting new employees, and featuring the latest breaking news and press releases.

scopOphilic - Channel 67 Monday nights (Tuesday mornings) 12:30am

scopOphilic is a Manhattan Public Access Television show with a twist...it's art. Digital image-based art. scopOphilic is a digital imagery collective that views the world in a different way.

There are circumstances in which looking itself is a source of pleasure, just as, in the reverse formation, there is pleasure in being looked at. --Laura Mulvey, from Visual Pleasure

scopOphilic will change they way you see...Don't miss it!

IPA - Tops Shows

International Production Associates - Tops Shows Inc. uses the web as a vehicle to promote themselves and their productions. The site also provides resources online for theaters staging their productions and materials for the press.
Current Site
Original Site (Password Required)

Creative Time - Shimon Attie's Between Dreams and History

Creative Time-Shimon Attie's Between Dreams and History web site promotes the onsite installation, provides an array of background information, serves as a reservations ordering system, and furthered the discussion of the concept with an online discussion area.

Corporate Gameware

Bankers Trust has an unusual product, a software suite of human resources training tools, presented as a game. It's site lets customers sample the product through animation, information and interactive simulation.

Teachers & Writers Collaborative

The Teachers & Writers Collaborative, a non-profit organization in New York City, needed to distribute information about its products and services to as large and varied an audience as possible. The World Wide Web allows T&W to present itself to an extremely large audience at their convenience. It gives viewers the ability to join T&W, review the book catalogue, participate in writing activities, find out about T&W's residency programs, and much more. In all, the project is being developed over two years, in conjunction with the Institute for Learning Technology at Columbia University, and the final Web site will encourage learning and have a live online teaching program through designated schools with high-speed internet connections.

Teachers & Writers latest addition to the site is WriteNet www.writenet.org includes online student--teacher evaluations and discussions, a monthly poetry chat with audio samples, and a list-serve registration and archive.

Studio Steel

Studio Steel is an interior decorating company specializing in custom and french country chandeliers. Browse their entire catalog online and place an order!

Day Without Art Web Action

A Day Without Art, a non-profit, fine arts project done in conjunction with Creative Time, commemorates World AIDS Day. The site, consisting of CGI scripting that creates HTML pages on the fly, is rich in artwork both interactive and downloadable, and links to AIDS resources.


Streamlined and simplified. Digital Telemedia, Inc.'s Web site went through a complete overhaul with consulting and graphic design work by Glyph. The site now contains complete online ordering of services, fewer layers to content, and compatibility with all browsers.

On Paper Online

On Paper, a journal of prints, drawings, and photography, wanted to expand their audience to the internet, providing highlights from recent issues, late-breaking news and subscription services.

p r o g r a m m i n g
Columbia House Online

Columbia House is a direct marketer of entertainment products. Its music group chose us to help pioneer the online selling of CD's and laserdiscs. Acting as technical consultants and Web programmers we created a site that incorporates real audio, commerce and a search engine for 10,000 plus titles.

BMG Entertainment

BMGE is a worldwide conglomerate that is relatively unknown in the United States. The Bertelsmann Music Group Entertainment site interactively demonstrates the scope of the entertainment division while seamlessly fitting into the corporate site.

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We are currently featuring a few of the banner ads we've created including those for Bed Bath & Beyond and Creative Time.
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