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Benjamin Moore Color Trend Report 2003-2004 Benjamin Moore:
Color Trend Report 2003-2004

Benjamin Moore hired Glyph Media to program and co-design a promotional CD-ROM for it's business customers (magazine editors, interior designers, and others within the industry.) The Benjamin Moore Color Trend Report 2003-2004 is an interactive CD-ROM with information about the latest trends in the paint industry. The CD-ROM has an easily navigable interface that allows the users to view the contents at their own pace. Included are interactive colors samples whereby the user can apply textures to preview colors schemes before purchasing or recommending the line.

The CD-ROM was also modified for a presentation and self-running trade show kiosk versions. The hybrid disc was created for Macintosh and Windows computers with 35,000 copies distributed at various promotional events held by Benjamin Moore.

Behind The Mask - New Line New Media New Line New Media:
Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask was produced in cooperation with New Line New Media and Crossover Technologies. Behind The Mask represents a breakthrough in multimedia design employing techniques and concepts never before seen in commercial CD-ROMs. The Glyph Media Group Inc. assisted in the initial design of the program, consulted on technical issues, incorporated and combined all media elements, and programmed the software.

The user's exploration of the CD-ROM has been enhanced through several dynamic and original techniques. Some of the technical achievements of this project include animated button icons, comparative digital video sequencing, single frame viewing of digital video, and user-specific sound effects synchronized with digital video. Production of Behind the Mask was carried out by the Glyph Media Group using Macromedia Director for both the Windows and Macintosh versions. Maintaining functional consistency between both versions, constant attention to detail, and many hours of cross-checking and debugging, have ensured a high level of technical quality.

Behind The Mask was produced to provide avid film buffs with the means to greater understand what goes into the production of this highly technical film. The CD-ROM employs illustrated examples of the film's audio and video special effects; provides insight into the production techniques of both the film crew and the computer graphics animators at Industrial Light and Magic; and explores everything involved in the creation of the film, from the screen play to the audio and visual effects, from the actors and their histories to the inspiration and development of the concept. The function of supplementing The Mask's merchandising efforts is also served by the CD-ROM, which allows for home shopping, and provides the purchaser with a complimentary Mask screen saver (Windows platform). The Mask is a fun-filled exploration into the imaginative world of Stanley Ipkiss and his animated and crazy life as the hyperreal superhero The Mask.

BLUE - Derek Jarman BLUE - Derek Jarman

The Glyph Media Group and Basilisk Communications Ltd. present a multimedia project based on the Derek Jarman film BLUE. This CD-ROM is the latest addition to the BLUE repertoire which in the past has included live concerts in Europe and Asia, gallery exhibitions, and radio and television broadcasts in four languages.

The BLUE CD-ROM will contain some of Jarman's previously unseen Super 8 films that can be viewed, "sampled" and edited. Sound mixes created in the "audio recording studio" can then be applied to these newly created films. Notes on the history and evolution of BLUE, previously unreleased material from the live concerts, and video interviews with principal participants, contextualize the complete annotated script. The program contains general information on AIDS and safer sex, and is concluded by "The Void" segment, inviting participants to further their own explorations in BLUE.

The BLUE CD-ROM fuses BLUE's various incarnations (sounds, images, text) with the interactive possibilities of the medium, producing an entirely new and exciting BLUE experience.

See what WIRED had to say about BLUE. Or download your own demo copy here.

p r e s e n t a t i o n s
Hakuhodo Advertising America, Inc./NEC Hakuhodo Advertising America, Inc./NEC

Corporate presentations used to be all about blackboards and pie graphs. Not any more. Glyph specializes in exciting presentations that combine animation, sound, Digital Video (QuickTime TM) movies, and graphics, bringing an added dimension to your presentation.

Our setups are powerful, yet portable. They'll hold an audience's attention and thus improve retention of information, and Glyph can customize materials easily to meet your needs.

Hakuhodo Advertising America, Inc. asked us to design a presentation with only one criterion: "knock 'em dead". Glyph combined hip design with a state-of-the-art feel to get Hakuhodo's message across. We incorporated morphing logos - turning Hakuhodo into NEC, its client - to start the show off with a bang. The overall feel for the presentation was "interactive" and "Web-like" to show off NEC's media savvy. Animated graphics and sound effects emphasized specific points, and the show was capped by a search light panning across the NEC logo.

k i o s k s
Hoffmann-LaRoche Kiosk image Hoffmann-La Roche

Touchscreen kiosks are the latest in public installations. Their design makes information directly available to large numbers of people. They can showcase and distribute products, promote new business, and collect information for database usage.

Hoffmann-La Roche asked us to create a computer-based kiosk offering education slide sets. The kiosk, used in their trade show booth, introduces doctors to Hoffmann-La Roche and the areas they service. The program allows doctors to place orders for free slides sets, which enables Hoffmann-La Roche to follow up with more product information and create good will within the community.

e l e c t r o n i c  b r o c h u r e s
Bankers Trust - Windows Based Electronic Brochure/Kiosk Bankers Trust - Windows Based Electronic Brochure/Kiosk

This floppy disk-based sales medium ensures that your messages stand out. Electronic brochures get the prospective client directly involved with your product. They command attention while demanding results, and reach a savvy, computer-literate clientele.

Globe View 2.0 is a service and software program offered by Bankers Trust. BT wanted to promote this service on a single floppy disk which they could feature in kiosks at trade shows and conferences. We produced an interactive introduction to their program and its capabilities, which allowed BT to cost effectively promote its service with a dual-purpose program in the exciting medium of multimedia.

i n t e r a c t i v e  t v
Time Warner Time Warner

The Glyph Media Group, Inc. participated in one facet of the production of Warner Music Group's "Music Mall"; following is the Interactive Television Press Release from the Warner Music Group.


About Warner Music Group
Warner Music Group is the world's leading music entertainment company. The breadth and diversity of the talent signed to our multinational family of labels makes up the finest roster of artists in the world. In the United States, Warner Music-U.S. companies The Atlantic Group, Elektra Entertainment Group, Warner Bros. Records and their affiliated labels dominate the marketplace. Outside the U.S., Warner Music International affiliates in more than 60 countries operate as full-service, local music companies. Their dual marketing operations enable them to build the careers of local talent while expanding sales for the Music Group's U.S. and international artists. Warner Music Group is a vertically integrated music entertainment company that also includes; Warner/Chappell, the world's leading music and print music publisher; unequaled global manufacturing and distribution operations; direct marketing; companies around the world, including half ownership of Columbia House, the largest music and video club in North America; and multimedia and home video companies in both the U.S. and Europe.

The Music Mall
The Music Mall is a broad-based interactive music service being designed for the Full Service Network(TM). Similar in concept to a shopping mall, the Music Mall will allow consumers to enter various music-related "stores" and sample, browse through and purchase a variety of services and products.

From cassettes to CDs and CD-ROM, Warner Music Group companies have a long tradition of utilizing new technologies to provide consumers with the highest quality music and video entertainment available. The Music Mall, as an extension of this tradition, seeks to capitalize on the unique capabilities of interactive television to expand the audience of music consumers.

The Magic Music Store
One of the primary goals of the service is to provide a shopping experience that is both convenient and enjoyable, encouraging exploration of musical genres and artists including those that may be new to the consumer. With a browsing option that enables users to find music by title, genre or artist, the Magic Music Store also includes 30-second audio samples of every song and music video excerpts from selected tracks. As is the case with Warner Music Group's other direct marketing businesses, the Magic Music Store will be designed to offer consumers a wide selection of choices including titles from labels outside WMG.

Other Services
In Addition to purchasing music, the Music Mall will offer a range of other music-related services including karaoke on demand, special offers and programs from leading direct marketing music companies and music-plus-magazine subscription services from Warner Music Enterprises, a company that operates BBC Music Service, Rock Video Monthly, New Country and Jazz. In conjunction with Ticketmaster, Warner Music Group is also exploring the addition of a concert ticket-purchasing option.

The Future
The Music Mall is a modular system that is still under development. The services that are offered on the existing prototype are examples of possible applications. Through our on-going research, we are continually modifying, improving and expanding the range of services available to consumers in the Music Mall. We firmly believe that not only will this technology be available on a wide-scale basis in the near future, but that it has the potential to enhance the music-purchasing experience by offering the consumer a 24-hour-a-day, in-home user-friendly, multifaceted interactive music service. By making it easier for consumers to learn about new releases from established and developing artists, the Music Mall will stimulate business among existing retailers in addition to serving new music customers.

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