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Glyph Media Demo Glyph Media Demo

Download the Glyph Media interactive demonstration disk for Macintosh or Windows computers.
(1.2MB;approx. 12mins @14.4k/6mins @28.8k)
Download the Glyph Media Mac Demo
(1.6MB;approx. 15mins @14.4k/8mins @28.8k)
Download the Glyph Media Windows Demo

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Derek Jarmsn's BLUE Derek Jarman's BLUE

Download your own sample of BLUE for Macintosh or Windows computers.
(1.2MB;approx. 12mins @14.4k/6mins @28.8k)
Download the BLUE Mac Demo
(1.4MB;approx. 13mins @14.4k/7mins @28.8k)
Download the BLUE Windows Demo

s h o c k w a v e
Zoologic Zoologic

Zoologic produces educational software for financial professionals. This Shockwave screen is a sample of the "Capital Markets 101" program. It is an example of how our programs can be leveraged across multiple media. This screen was originally part a promotional disk for "Capital Markets 101". To try the sample just click on the Zoologic logo.

Behring Diagnostics Behring Diagnostics

Behring produces immunoassay equipment for use in private practices in order to reduce outside lab costs. This is a section of their demo disk which shows the user if the system will be profitable for a particular practice. To view it just click on the logo to the left.

Download Shockwave from Macromedia Made with Macromedia
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